Circular solutions for Agri-food businesses

Turn-key waste upcycling systems for a variety of sectors.

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From food service, to agriculture, or industrial; work with us to design and implement an on-site organics recovery system suited for your operations and environmental goals.
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Our Approach
We understand that every operation is unique, from the type and volume of organic waste to business objectives.

Terra Optima Labs works with a variety of organics-recovery processes and equipment manufacturers to implement the right solution for your needs and desired outcomes.

- Organics tracking and reporting
- Waste disposal cost savings
- Operational emissions reduction (Scope 3)
- Integration into soil micro-manufacturing network

To learn more about our systems, leasing options, and if your operation is the right fit, please contact us!
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Site #0001

The Wormery

On-site organics circularity with worm composting.
Located at the Western Fair Disctrict in London ON, The Wormery project utilizes a two-stage composting system to recover organics from the hub of agri-food businesses located on-premise. The process creates worm castings used in greenhouses and gardens on the site, local community projects and packaged for home gardeners.
Organics Recovery:
40-50 MT / yr
8-10 MT / yr (Worm Castings)
Est. Emissions Saved:
55-70 MT CO2e / yr
Composting Processes:
Aerobic composting, Vermicomposting
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