To close the loop on food and organic wastes while creating regenerative products for our soils.

Behind the Name


The planet earth, land and/or soil


The most favourable conditions or level for growth or success


noun, informal
A place to experiment, investigate, observe and create
Roadmap to the Stars
It begins with closing the loop on organic wastes, and creating a circular pathway for carbon and nutrients to replenish our soils.
Through this process we can terraform Earth, back to its best self. Creating abundance in growing more food, more sustainably.
As we explore the cosmos, we can apply this knowledge to planets beyond.
Phase 1:
In linear systems organic wastes are sent to landfills, contributing to GHG emissions. Here, organics generate potent methane gas (25x stronger than CO2).
With circularity, the nutrients and carbon stored in disposed organics are recovered. These are transformed and replenish the soil to repeat the process.
Phase 2:
Studies show soil is home to 59% of earth's species, and the basis for life on this planet. For humans, soil accounts for 95% of food production.

To restore earth, we must focus on soil regeneration and erosion protection, or we may face an ecological disaster.
High-carbon and healthy soils are shown to require less water and fertilizer inputs. They are also more drought resistant and produce higher yields.

Through resource circularity and soil care, we can preserve ecosystems while creating abundance for the future.
Phase 3:
By understanding how to reverse degradation here on Earth, we can apply concepts of rehabilitation to the desert soils of Mars.

As humankind embarks on its expanse through the cosmos, let our legacy be one of creation and life conservation, rather than one of destruction and extinction.